Interactive Voice Response

Best known example of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system in Japan is Japan Post service you can call in to leave the disposition about the parcel when you receive a non-delivery notification. Upon your call you will hear a message to input your pacel number from the non-delivery form, then the date and time you want your packet to be delivered.
In the case of Japan Post the preferences collected by IVR system are stored in the database and then can be viewed by the postman to learn when the parcel should be delivered.


On Klik Cloud IVR Agent answering the call is not limited to playing a message, can also perform many actions like storing the input typed by the calling party, performing database lookup to find relevant information, giving the answer back to the calling party, transfering the call to a group of agents or specific sales rep.

Automated Call Center with no Live Agents

In specific cases we may want to be able to take calls from consumers and serve them even if there are no agents present in the call center (after office hours, during breaks or holidays etc.). In such case we can prepare and run so called "System Agent" by making the system follow IVR script steps.

IVR Capturing Sensitive Information

If we want to implement strict security in our call center and prevent call center agents to collect sensitive information (like credit card details) from the consumers directly, we can use IVR Agents to do that. The call gets connected to the live agent and then if required the control may be passed to the IVR agent and back to the live agent.
Such functionality may help to implement work from home agents because it can assure that the agents do not have access to the confidential data.

Editing IVR Script Workflow

All actions to be performed by IVR Agent can be specified in the Script Designer editor, and then published to Klik Cloud server.

Editing Call Script

Passing Control to and from IVR

On traditional systems IVR is used at the very beginning of the call and then once call is passed to an agent it cannot go back to IVR system.
On Klik Cloud system agent's call script may pass the control to the IVR Script for the data input and when IVR is finished call may be transfered back to the live agent.